Why the ADAPS non-linear logic is different and better.

Series theme-                     To the left is a well match that I think will beat anything you are likely to see. It is superimposed on A final product from my inversion / integration logic (ADAPS). The system produces a continuous series of simulated sonic logs that predict bed thicknesses to a Tee. In one of the modules I will point you to you will see a number of equally good matches, all compared to the straight stack of the same input gathers.



Most of the important points I make in the series run contrary to current industry thought. After a long career in seismic development I started on the inversion kick around 2000. For years seismic researchers almost laughed at my non linear approaches. The same was true when I suggested the faults my system was bringing out were strike slip. In any case, the Ostrich icon became one of my favorites

To get to the quality seen at  left all sorts of input problems must be faced. Communicating these concepts is now an end in itself. Because I sold proprietary rights to my basic logic to Ikon Science (while retaining the right to use my own evolving versions of the logic) what I have to offer is applied consulting.

To communicate with me
click on the self-satisfied                         ADAPS image at right.   

Topic sets -
Be warned that some of these modules are still being assembled from a wealth of older shows. If you click on the circle and nothing happens I ask you to be patient. The two done at this time are the Nexen Report and the AVO myth critique.

1. Collection of well match comparisons that illustrate the remarkable de-tuning capability of the ADAPS logic.

2. Discussion of non-linear inversion and integration.

3. The Nexen North Sea report showing detailed strike slip fault delineation.

4. AVO anyone - a severe critique of the use of Amplitude vs Offset methods in the North Sea.