Business Intelligence

Informed decision making to empower your business

Business Intelligence

It is the method by which we can transform the available raw information for the beneficial analysis of business purposes. The decision making can be improved by uncovering new and hidden data and business trends. We help you to make the best decisions which will help you both in the present and future and execute them in the best effective manner. We help you to make the best decisions going through all the variables that will bring a major growth in your business.

The backbone decision making is having the right information. Our experts and consultants help you to provide us with all the correct data which in turn will help to make the most effective decisions. The current ways of business are studied and analyzed in a systematic way to get the necessary and useful solutions.

Value of Big Data and Analytics

In order to compete in the first line of the present market conditions, these challenges must be properly set:

  • Choosing and bringing into effect the aptest business solution
  • Fast implementation of the solution
  • Time to time monitoring and analysis for improvement
  • More precision

Benefits from Business Intelligence

  • A set of well-defined business goals
  • A well-defined framework of data governance for security and privacy
  • Establish a connection between stakeholders and users
  • Carry out PoC
  • Proper assessment of infrastructure sizing and technology choices
  • A well-planned data ingestion approach from all areas

Get Big Benefits from Big Data and Analytics

  • Define the business objectives that are expected from the statistics derived from ‘Big Data’.
  • Formulate a main commercial use case to start.
  • Carry out the viability of the commercial use case, including the availability of data.
  • Ensure a data governance framework defined to adequately protect the privacy and security of information.
  • Connect stakeholders, including senior management and users directly related to the use case.
  • Run a proof of concept around the main commercial use case (PoC).
  • After the validation of PoC, evaluate the choice of tools / technologies and sizing of the required infrastructure.
  • Adopt a structured approach to data ingestion from different platforms, transformation and analysis
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Why Business Intelligence?

Business intelligence provides actionable data what will helps the company to make informed decisions on various verticals odd business. It provides the company with past and present data on various processes that the company undertake. Business intelligence is also known as descriptive analysis because of its descriptive nature in giving the company all the information about the past and ongoing processes. This data can be utilized for predicting upcoming trends in business and this process is termed as predictive analysis.

  • Faster and accurate reports
  • Helps in making better business decisions
  • Increased data quality
  • Higher operational efficiency
  • Competitive advantage

Services We Provide In Business Intelligence

Adaps promotes Business Intelligence Service using hard and soft accelerators that include metadata analysis, visualization frameworks and catalogs of key industry performance indicators (KPIs). We also partner with leading business intelligence technology providers to ensure you get the BI reporting solution that best suits your needs.

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