Test Automation

Test automation is of great help when a concern needs to test out several software at the same time.

What is test automation?

Automated software testing is critical to success in today’s competitive business climate. To do it well, you must employ the best evaluators who implement innovative automation frameworks using the most current tools. Based on formalized testing channels, such tools’s can do the repetitive testing function automatically and produce concise reports based on it. Since it is a system driven test, it enables you to test out those features as well which are difficult to perform manually.

  • Automation tool to execute your test case suite
  • Automate repetitive tasks and other testing tasks which are difficult to perform manually
  • Provides efficiency
  • Reduce overall testing time

Major Automation Testing Toolset: QTP/ALM, Selenium, TOSCA Testsuite, TestComplete, SoapUI, TestDrive, REST Assured, Cucumber, Protractor, Jira, Watir

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Approaches to test automation

  • Graphical user interface testing
  • API driven testing

Graphical user interface testing is a not the typical complex procedure of testing a software. Precisely,this is one of the simplest approaches to test a software. It records the entire change log of a software’s Graphic user Interface. This lets the user to see the sample test video again and again and understand how exactly various user commands affect the software.

API Driven testing belongs to the initial stages of software development irrespective of the user interface. Such testing is applied to detect any deviation from the principles of security, reliability and efficiency of any software before final packaging and application.

Why test automation?

The very essence behind test automation is to reduce unnecessary workload on software development teams. This would enable them to implement their time and effort onto new projects. It will eventually lead to a better turnaround time and greater efficiency. Also, automation of tests provides an opportunity to use highly efficient systems which shall reduce errors of principle and judgement.

Services We Provide In Test Automation

A trained group of test automation testers with not only functional tests, but also experience in usability tests.

Functional testing
Network testing
Compatibility Testing
Usability Testing
Performance Testing
Security Testing