API-Web Services Testing

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

API- Web Services Testing

API’s are an integral part of all the web applications. They help to implement a variety of functions that can range from simplest to the hardest. The main challenge with API implementation is that they should be error-free and integrate seamlessly into the application. adaps has a proven record of assessing and validating API’s based on the requirements of the application. We provide a complete quality check of the API with the latest testing methodologies.


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Salient Features of adaps API -Web Services Testing Framework

  • Defining the required inputs
  • Generating the client’s side code for web service
  • Invoke the web service using the client’s code
  • Analysis and verification of the response
  • Verify whether the response received matches the expected result

API testing involves testing of the API’s directly as well as part of the integration testing. It helps to test the functionality, stability, reliability, security, and performance of the API’s.

Why API-Web Services Testing Tests?

With the immense growth of web applications the complexity around them has also increased, they are no more simple websites rather they are loaded with a set of functionalities. Thus, testing them is also a hard job to do as there are a number of issues that may arise hindering the performance of the application. Our API Testing Service framework helps in creating test cases and execute automated tests that save times and minimize the dependence on technically skilled resources.

  • Our API Testing Framework allows testing APIs in cloud environment. They are fast and make optimum use of resources.
  • 100% functional test coverage.
  • It saves a lot of time which is often invested in doing redundant and mundane tasks.
  • API Testing Service increases the quality of application and identified bugs early in the life cycle.
  • Enhanced reports and logs provide an insight into the application and directions for future actions.

Services We Provide In API -Web Services

API testing include solutions dealing with automation consultancies, best practice and the necessary technology to enhance the quality of application.

Assessment and ROI Analysis
Framework implementation
Tool evaluation
Script development
Execution and maintenance of test scripts
Automated Regression Testing