Emerging Technologies : Changing the Future of Software Testing

Future of Software Testing

Shifting towards technological advancements has now become an integral need to business success in today’s Digital era. Growing organizations are re-innovating, re-designing and re-thinking to envision deliver faster and evolve technology solutions. They are transforming traditional infrastructure to modernized architecture with the help of digital technologies to steer Re-engineering in software testing platform. One of the ongoing trends in Software testing are typically Test automation and continuous automation which are now taking a right shift to the prominent themes emerging in the market. These powerful themes now have found a way to capture the testing platform through various intelligent technologies and concepts providing End to End automation solutions.

Leadership at Adapsbtranse understands digital strategies which will help you to get ahead and achieve a competitive edge. We provide end to end testing solutions which will help you in managing your immediate business goals and pursue long term technologies that are essential for growth of your organization.

Let us check the rundown of emerging testing trends transforming the existing software techniques:

RPA (Robotic Process Automation):

When it comes to processes no one likes performing operational tasks manually. Manual tasks are time consuming and hazardous which influences the efficiency and profitability of the organisation. This raises an eye towards Robotic process automation which helps in automating the manual processes with the help of intellectual solutions using software testing BOTS to eradicate manual dependencies and help in achieving faster deliverables.
Adapsbtranse can help in transforming your processes smarter. We will not only help you to elevate the manual processes but we will also help you in creating intelligent operations which will help you in steering end to end automation solutions for business benefits.

DevOps & Agile:

As the name implicates DevOps stands for Development to Operations. The principle of DevOps aims in collaborating more effectively with development and operations team to engage more iteration, regression and progressive testing during software business releases. Organizations who have indulged in formulating this principle into their testing life cycle model have claimed to increase their ‘Go Live’ process at a rapid rate.
We at Adapsbtranse will help you in transforming from traditional models to DevOps infrastructure with the help of agile testing tools/methodologies and concepts to help your business grow faster and smoother.

IOT (Internet of things):

Let us agree to the fact that IOT is growing bigger and wider in the testing market. Any physical device which can be connected to internet and can be controlled from anywhere will be treated as an IOT device. The need and demand of smart automation across the globe in every field has given rise to IOT testing. Securing customers data has always been the prime motto of Adapsbtranse team. Keeping this in mind we have incorporated new testing methods like Data integrity, security and fraud testing to support IOT testing to keep our customers’ data secure and free from software attacks.

AI & Machine learning:

Inculcating human intelligence to computed systems is AI. Machine learning is a formulated subset of AI wherein the system is trained to think like humans.
Considering the growing need and demand of the testing market, business needs to take a step ahead and predict what the customer wants. Predictive analysis of collating the customer’s data and producing an outcome plays a vital role in Quality Engineering. Role of testing takes a move to train the testing tools like human to produce defects, code optimisation, predict the failure point and analyse the test results.Adapsbtranse understands this shift towards imparting the intelligence to the systems and thereby produce quality products for the customer.

CI & CD – Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment:

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment is a one stop solution which has now taken a boom in the testing market to provide End to End automation solution from build to Execution. CI & CD enables an organization to have automated testing and staging solutions to let the developer decide to merge the code into production. CI & CD tools is a version control system to automate the code and build an automated engine.
Adapsbtranse adapts to the concept of integration and deployment helping the business to detect bugs at an early stage. It also helps in reducing the business cost and helps in faster delivery.

Micro services test Automation:

Micro services test automation majorly focuses on white box testing wherein all the code level testing is performed during integration phase.
The role of end-to-end testing is to make sure all the systems are tied up properly together and there are no defect leakages inside and outside the system. End to End tests created verifies the internal and external requirements are met properly from UI and code perspective. We help you in achieving Micro services test automation through various approaches of Unit testing, Continuous testing, End to End testing and system Integration testing.

Big Data testing:

Big data is the new buzz which is trending recently. Big data helps in deriving output from complex data which eventually helps the business in taking decisions for business profits. Testing such large amount of data becomes difficult for a tester through traditional approaches. This evolves in Data engineering testing to produce profitable outcome to the business. Adapsbtranse understand the difficulty in tackling with Data problems and helps in resolving with the help of expertise Data analytic team who provide wide range of testing tools and solutions in Big data world.

Next Generation Mobile Automation:

Gone are the days when people switched on their computers or Laptops to access everything, people prefer having a mobility solution to access everything on their mobiles. This brings a completely new move to the testing era where mobile applications are tested and ensured that they free of errors and bugs.
Adapsbtranse has a testing expertise team which will help you in providing wide range of testing solutions for native and web applications. Our expertise in mobile testing will provide you end to end automation solution from Development to Testing through cloud computing tools and Test automation framework.

The above technologies depict the way they are re-engineering the current technologies and shaping the future of software testing. We are delighted to share our
testing expertise at Adapsbtranse to help your business grow.

If you are looking to streamline your software testing operations with the latest technologies then you are at the right place. Our Automation and Quality services are efficient, reliable, robust and flexible to meet your needs and demands.

Reach out to us & we will be glad to assist you with our service!

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