Automation White Paper

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Continuous integration testing is a practice that is carried out to integrate code into a shared repository regularly to analyse and locate errors more quickly, the main problems that test automation solves and take a look at the steps necessary to implement this within your development process, all with the aim of improving software delivery. Before we start …

Discussions around the area of test automation are often too complicated and riddled with misunderstandings. Terms like BDD, TDD, agile tests, acceptance tests and functional tests are thrown together, and they merge regularly to become one concept in the minds of many. Understand test automation it becomes simpler though, once you understand where it fits like a discrete idea
within the world of agile development. We also learn that taking full advantage of test automation requires implementing changes in the general delivery process. Let’s look at some of the basic concepts of the agile approach and how is related to the automation of the test and then reviews the benefits and Implications of implementing an automated test instead of manual regime:

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