Automation helps production units maximize returns through strict control over operations and improved efficiency.

Continuous Automation

Continuous Automation is process of automating all testing activities involved Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment. It allows the developers to build and deploy applications at a faster rate consistently and safely. The developers need to add their code to a shared repository multiple times a day and detect any errors in the early stages of development. It doesn’t fix any bugs but helps to locate them quickly saving a great deal of time that is otherwise used in back tracking the erroneous lines of code.


continuous integration testing


Salient Features of adapsbtranse Continuous Automation and Continuous Integration

  • A common code Repository
  • Build automation
  • Make a self-testing build
  • Regular commits from all the project developers
  • Keep the builds fast
  • Testing done in a replica of the production environment
  • Each one has the access to the final version

Continuous integration is an excellent way for application development that is inexpensive, improves the efficiency and also reduces the risk factors that often come into the picture at a very later date. It is a three-step process that involves detect, correct and automate. Each time any of the developers implements a new change it gets immediately added to the shared repository which eliminates the pitfalls of last time integration hell.

Why Continuous Automation Tests?

With the burgeoning demand of applications, it has become critical for the organizations to race up their development methodologies and continuous automation is the key to achieving it.

  • Continuous integration helps to detect bugs
  • No last-minute chaos at the time of delivery dates
  • Saves a lot of time and money
  • The continuous code-check-ins compels developers to write optimized codes
  • Faster development and delivery process

Services We Provide In Continuous Automation

Continuous Automation is a complete stack solution that handles the testing automation consultancy, the best practice processes and the technology needed to improve the quality of the application industry independently.

Automation Assessment
Tool Evaluation
TestOps / DevOps Implementation
Progressive in-sprint automation
Automation Framework Development
API / Web Services Testing