Managed Services

Enhance your operational management and efficiency with our Managed Services

Managed Services

Managed Services allow enterprises to offload their IT operations to a service provider. Adaps Managed services monitors and manages IT operations of our esteemed clients. Our Managed Services comprise a range of tailored, proactive support programs to fulfil your specific requirements. Adaps aims to lessen the burden of your day-to-day IT operations and management with our experienced staff. We are delivering these solutions to our clients for more than a decade. Our Managed Services will support you to enhance service levels, and to concentrate on higher-level business activities that are required to build a sustainable advantage.

Adaps Managed Services are efficient and cost-effective, with virtually no latency for remote connections. One of the most significant benefits of Managed Services is identifying and fixing problems in order to avoid any impact on your business. With our proactive Managed services strategy, you will notice a significant difference in operations. Our Managed Services are extremely reliable, flexible, and adaptable.

Adaps Managed Services

Strategic Planning

We work as a part of the client’s team to assure a seamless transition and to meet the reliability & stability that you expect from us. We understand your business processes, and we will work on how our ICT can be used to deliver your core business outputs.

Technology Strategies

Achieve your goals with our business-focused technology strategies. We actively participate in meetings with the management team and create technology roadmaps. We will notify continuously about risks and restrictions of your current technology.

Collaborative Approach

We are pleased to work with your internal IT teams and other outsourced vendors. Our Tailored Managed Services will eliminate gaps and difficulties in your IT support arrangements.

Performance Management and Monitoring

We monitor your ICT infrastructure continuously by utilising automated toolsets. These automated toolsets can self-restore failures on your network. If the toolsets can’t restore then our service desk will be alerted to failures, and we will act quickly to assure the quickest potential response to possible issues.

Why Adaps Managed Services

Our certified experts work with your team to understand where you stand and determine where you need to go. Our Managed Services support you to discover the problems prior to the cause a significant outage in order to minimise time spent and improve security.

With our Managed services, you can manage your applications, and perform a business continuity and disaster recovery:

  • by discussing your current IT business problems and goals
  • by providing a plan with a timeline that suits your budget
  • by assessing the present IT environment
  • by responding to your requests promptly with the most efficient solution

Advantages with Our Managed Services

  • Access to expertise, best practices, and world-class tools& technologies
  • Improves Performance and Control over cost
  • Better management of Up-Time and minimised downtime
  • Highly Scalable and vital productivity increases
  • High-level support on up-to-date technology
  • Permits you to focus on your core business

Our Support Levels

Level 1

In this level, our help desk provides support for basic client issues like solving usage issues and fulfilling service desk requests that require IT involvement.

Level 2

In this level, we provide advance help and more access. Experienced and expert technicians evaluate issues and deliver solutions for issues that are not resolved in level 1.

Level 3

In this level, we will find the root cause, fix the bugs, and release management. We will provide access to the highest technical resources available for issue resolution. In this level, technicians try to duplicate issues and determine root causes by utilising product designs and code. Once the root cause is identified, we resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Level 4

In this level, we will perform architectural changes and enhancements only if the issues were not resolved in the level 3 support.