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Mobile Apps Testing

Mobile Application Testing Service helps to determine the consistency, functionality, usability, and stability of the application. Testing of mobile application comes with a set of challenges like compatibility, scripting, variety of devices, network operators and more so testing involves verification of all of these factors. The testing can be performed both ways automated or manually.


mobile application testing services


Salient Features of adaps Mobile Application Testing Services

  • Right mobile device for testing should be used
  • Testing application under varying network conditions
  • Performance under specific loads
  • Testing application using simulators to check for real environment performance

There has been an exceptional growth in usage of mobile applications, so it is essential that they work seamlessly and perform the same irrespective of the device that is running the application. Apart from that right devices should be used for testing the compatibility of the application on various platforms. The performance of the application in the real-time environment should also be examined. All these aspects are broadly covered during mobile app testing.

Why Mobile Apps Testing Tests?

Mobile app testing is crucial because more and more people rely on applications for their day to day businesses. Mobile devices are constantly becoming complex so are the application requirements that keep changing continuously.

  • It helps to deliver application that is compatible on a number of devices
  • Testing ensures that the application will not fail if the load is increased
  • The automated tests improve the quality of the application and enhance efficiency
  • It helps to keep the application up to date and compatible with changing technologies
  • The deliverables are made available faster with least number of technical anomalies

Services We Provide In Mobile Apps Testing

A trained group of mobile testers with not only functional tests, but also experience in usability tests.

Functional testing
Network testing
Compatibility Testing
Usability Testing
Performance Testing
Security Testing