PEGA Testing

Take advantage of built-in automated unit test functions to help ensure that changes made to an application do not have unexpected effects.

PEGA Testing

Continuous development cycle comes with a set of challenges like unexpected results when a new change is introduced. PEGA testing platform is said to have in-built automated unit testing that works inside the application. You can create your test cases and expected results within the application. You can store these test cases and use them as per your application needs and requirements. We at “Adapsbtranse” use PEGA platform and help our clients to create test cases based on their user needs


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Salient Features of adaps PEGA Testing Framework

Our PEGA Testing service focus on test strategy and quality. Develop strategies as per the requirements and thoroughly test the E-2-E workflows and integration between various services

Why PEGA Testing Tests?

Applications nowadays are quite complex and testing the entire application at once is not plausible. Technology is also constantly evolving and applications need to be updated time to time. The constant technical changes are pushing Organisations to adopt continuous automation and development. So, with it comes the testing automation where Pega testing can be done simultaneously as project is in progress. PEGA testing helps you do the automated continuous testing at a faster pace.

PEGA testing involves the building of test script cases that are passed from workflow to workflow.

  • It helps you save a lot of time, effort and cost
  • Automation testing lets you execute many tests that provide hands-off results
  • They help to test the behavior of the application and make sure that it is compliant with the business requirements
  • Before the application is released in the real world, you can see that whether it is matching the business needs or not
  • Test cases are created keeping in mind the client’s requirements, so the end product is almost free of any loopholes

Services We Provide In PEGA Testing

With the integrated Automated Unit Tests of Pega Platform, you can create and run test cases within the application. Test cases can include expected input values and results, and are preserved with the application for future use

Functional testing
Integration testing
System testing
Cross browser testing
Usability testing
Data Migration testing
Work flow based testing
Role based testing
Rule based testing