Performance Testing

Performance testing is more important now than ever!

Performance Testing

The process of testing the performance of software and determine quality attributes like responsiveness, stability and speed under varying workload conditions. The main objective of Performance Testing Service is to ensure that the applications don’t crashes down when subjected to varying loads and conditions. It not only helps to eliminate bugs but also prevent any type of performance bottleneck of the system.


performance testing services


Salient Features of adaps Performance Testing Framework

  • Load Testing: Increasing the load and testing the performance of the system
  • Endurance Testing: Testing the system for a prolonged time with expected load
  • Stress Testing: Testing the system response when it is subjected to extreme load it cannot handle
  • Breakpoint Testing: To determine the maximum capacity of the system before it fails
  • Configuration Testing: Testing the system performance with configuration changes

Why Performance Testing Tests?

Performance testing gives the stakeholders information about their product and its performance under varying conditions. There are uncertain conditions in which an application may go haywire for example, when the number of users increases or operating system changes, performance testing ensures that no such problems come into the picture once the product has come into the market. Testing is an essential aspect of any business because if an application fails after it is launched it tends to impact the sales and marketing goals of the company.

  • It eliminates chances of system failure once the final product is launched
  • Prevents the extra workload that the development team has to do in order to locate the cause of failure
  • Reduces operational costs of handling performance issues
  • Prevents loss of clients due to lack of efficiency in your work

Services We Provide In Performance Testing

Our wide range Performance Testing Services can help improve business your productivity and meet business objectives.

Load Testing
Stress Testing
Volume Testing
Soak Testing
Spike Testing
Scalability Testing