CRM Solutions (Salesforce)

Customer relationship management commonly known as CRM is an approach followed by modern-day businesses to improvise their customer management operations. As service providers of SalesForce, Adaps provide expert interaction with existing as well as potential customers on behalf of the enterprise. Various aspects include contact management, sales management while reporting, recording and analyzing customer interaction. Our CRM solutions guided by the efficiency of Salesforce drives your business towards growth and allows you to get a comprehensive and 360̊ view of your customers via better organization and capture of information.



Salient Features of adaps CRM Solutions with Salesforce

  • Personalized marketing – Increasing reach and sales
  • Salesforce customizations – Increased optimization
  • App development – Increased Agility
  • Technical help – Lower risk and better security
  • Salesforce Analytics – Gaining insights and effective understanding
  • Adjusting dynamics – Better equipped to current technological changes

Salesforce and our strategic partnership provides configured, secured and customized solutions to the real boss of your business – your customers and their needs. Leveraging our technical know how and experience serves you with endless options, each of which helps you procure the right benefits for your enterprise.

Why is Salesforce important?

Salesforce is one of the most effective solutions to ensure that your business does not lose out on any vital data that concerns your customer base. It provides a common and centralized platform to manage customers using an automated and strategical approach.

Our partnership ensures smooth automation, mobile development and external integration that assembles to give you a first-mover advantage in the industry. Salesforce is an integrated CRM software that allows you to drive organizational growth by identifying prospective leads and allowing you to work from anywhere as per your convenience using a cloud-based model.