Salesforce Testing

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Salesforce Testing

Salesforce testing is done the same way as the testing of other application with the only difference that the testing algorithms are a bit more complex. The reason behind this is that salesforce based application utilizes built-in features so the tester need to ensure that he is testing the customized code, not the built-in features. The salesforce testing requires an environment called Sandbox. First, the application is deployed in the Sandbox environment then it is moved into the production and then the tester proceeds on with testing process.


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Salient Features of adaps Salesforce Testing Framework

  • Testing should include functional testing, unit testing, integration testing, UI testing and regression testing
  • Testers need to create workflows that cover entire functionality of application
  • Workflows for different user roles should also be constructed
  • Test cases should be created using tools like HP ALM

Salesforce testers also called as quality engineers need to prepare test frameworks that are complex and need to do an in-depth study of the working of the application. They need to be well-equipped with all the Salesforce related terminologies to carry on with Salesforce testing. A salesforce tester needs to be super cautious of the code that he is testing. It shouldn’t be the default code as one cannot remove the default functionality instead focus should be on the customized functionalities.

Why Salesforce Testing Tests?

Salesforce is a significant part of many organisations today. It helps to strengthen their relationship with customers and also propels their business in the right direction. Lastly, it is a software application like others and testing it for quality purposes is obvious. We help our Clients to test their Salesforce Applications thoroughly using the framework designed as part of Saleforce Testing Service offering

  • Increases the customer confidence and ensures the application is working correctly
  • Well-defined test cases to see that the system doesn’t fail at any point
  • An effective Salesforce implementation helps to empower businesses
  • The testing is done on pre-defined unit test cases that make testing a fast process

Services We Provide In Salesforce Testing Service

Salesforce plays a critical role in the number of leading companies doing business. This cloud-based application is extensible, highly configurable and frequently integrates with many other applications.

Functional testing
Integration testing
System testing
SOQL & SOSL Data Testing
User Management Testing
Workflow testing