Security Testing

As technologies continue to evolve, new vulnerabilities are discovered at an astonishing rate, which makes information security a serious challenge for businesses around the world.

Security Testing

The objective of Security Testing Service is to find any flaws in the security infrastructure of an information system. Security testing doesn’t guarantee a full proof secure system but it assures that the system qualifies for all the security requirements. The tests may be performed to analyze various security factors like authentication, authorization, availability, integrity and non- repudiation. The security requirements are tested based on the requirements that are implemented in the system.


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Salient Features of adaps Security Testing Service

  • Network security: Checking for any flaws in the network infrastructure
  • Client-side application security: The client-side(browser) cannot be breached or exploited
  • System software security: Checking for any flaws in the operating system, database or software on which the application depends
  • Server-side application security: Checking that the server is robust enough to handle any intrusion

Why Security Testing Tests?

Security testing is integral part of any application because irrespective of how secure a system is hackers always find a way to exploit any security loopholes. When a system is thoroughly tested for security flaws then it makes sure that any system vulnerabilities are detected earlier and rectified simultaneously. A security testing framework scans through all the layers of the application and moves further into network, database and application exposure layers. The security testing concept has several automated scanner tools that scrutinize all the lines of codes to find any probable anomalies or faults.

  • It is important to keep the system secure and tight
  • Protects confidential data and IT assets
  • Provides insights into the complete system infrastructure and methods to make it more secure
  • Prevents system failure that may happen if somebody breaks into the system
  • Expose system vulnerabilities early in the development stage
  • Prevents loss of customer trust in your brand

Services We Provide In Security Testing

We offer the best in class solutions for a wide range of security requirements. Our Security Center of Excellence combines experience and tools that helps us offer tangible value to our clients

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